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"Istokskiy" integrated development project- top choice for investors

The "Istokskiy" residential district located within the boundaries of the Oktiabrskiy administrative district (borough) of the city of Yekaterinburg was engineered from the ground up as an area of improved residential comfort and strict compliance with the internationally accepted standards of environmental safety.

The plot to be developed occupies according to its master plan over 1 000 hectares in the south-eastern part of Yekaterinburg.

The natural environment of the area, which comprises expanses of former farmland and large swaths of forests, along with several bodies of water, is picturesque and attractive.

The proximity of the site to the city allows it to be considered for the construction of a comfortable and sought after residential district.

The principal thoroughfares and highway interchanges of Yekaterinburg are adjacent to the development area, e.g. the Yekaterinburg Belt Highway, the Alternate Siberian Highway (Tyumen Highway).

The "Istokskiy" residential district is planned to include a variety of residential construction sectors: single-family homes, row houses, town houses, middle-rise and high-rise multi-family buildings.

The planned development is to include a fleshed out set of public infrastructure facilities, e.g:


  • Schools - 13 establishments with a total capacity of 12 900 students.
  • Pre-schools - 28 establishments with a total capacity of 6 100 children.
  • Hospital Complex (for 5 444 patients)- Industrial and logistics complex (for 10 000 jobs)
  • Farmers' market covering a total area of 126 thousand square meters.
  • 3 shopping malls, with a total capacity of 62 000 people.
  • Shops, service facilities, restaurants, medical facilities, sports complexes, recreational areas.
  • Service industry offices (hair salons, banks, insurance companies and travel agencies, beauty parlors, etc.)


The territory's zoning plan was developed in accordance with the current legal and regulatory framework, based on regional and municipal target-oriented programs and source data on the plot. The Principals and the City Administration of Yekaterinburg participated in the elaboration of the project and agreed any interim solutions included in it.

Residential area is formed by individual subdivisions that gets combined into a single planning pattern by the planned transport routes.

Administrative and commercial area includes the district's community center and neighborhood service centers. It is proposed to have the principal community center of the district located on the western side of the Central subdivision, with access to and from the parks. The medical center (hospitals and polyclinics) will be located along the north-south axis of the district (within the existing Istok and Zelionaya Dolina subdivisions).

Industrial area. The district has a few special areas planned to house the utilities and engineering facilities serving the area. Major industrial areas are located outside the planned development area, but are connected to it by highways.

The district has a sufficient amount of land allocated for commercial development, with both public and industrial bias contemplated in connection with the district being located at the intersection of the city's major thoroughfares (Beltway and Tyumen Highway).

Recreational area is created on the basis of an existing natural complex. The main principles used in designing the recreational area are preservation of the natural environment, integrating natural components into the structure of the district, "opening" of the district towards its surrounding forests. The project provides for converting the forested areas left after construction into parks, creating landscaped areas around the existing bodies of water, separating the built-up areas with green boulevards. The main park's planned location is in the forested area between the Centralniy and Mostovka subdivisions.
Preserving significant wooded areas around the district serves to create an attractive, comfortable and healthy living environment.

District's location within the city's boundaries

Base map

Functional zoning development diagram

Structural subdivisions diagram

Project's social infrastructure layout diagram

Koltsovo HUB

The plot intended for the construction of the Koltsovo logistics hub comprises 1450 hectares and upon completion of the construction it would house more than 5 000 000 m2 of manufacturing facilities warehouses.

The proximity of the development area to the "Koltsovo" airport, major highways, railways, and to elaborate engineering infrastructure allows to create on this single territory a unique multi-purpose production and logistics hub.

The layout plan of the production and logistics hub provides for the construction of production and storage facilities, offices and auxiliary buildings and facilities, additional railway lines, utilities and supporting infrastructure, power grid elements, gas, water and sewerage pipelines.

The construction will be carried out in two stages - the first stage will be built after the approval of the project's master plan, the second stage will take place after the removal of the "Bukhara - Ural" gas mains.

The area to be developed is divided into zones, varying in size and composition of their comprising facilities: a logistics park, a warehouses zone, container yards, an industrial zone, a trade zone, open markets, a special port zone.

The plot is proportionally divided into the logistics, commercial and industrial zones. The logistics centers gravitate towards the major thoroughfares - Novokoltsovskiy Highway, Yekaterinburg Belt Highway, Tyumen Highway. Every logistics yard can be connected to the railways.

The plan provides for a well-developed internal transport network allowing for every logistics facility to have an equal access to the thoroughfares. The western and eastern parts of the development territory are to house container yards with integrated railway access.

Industrial sites are located in the north-eastern part of the plot, all the sites are enabled for railway access, moreover, there will be access to the Aramilskiy Highway once its planned rerouting is complete.
The commercial zones are sited along the Aramilskiy Highway and the planned high-speed motor road.

Areas adjacent to the "Koltsovo" international airport are destined to accommodate a special port zone that would encompass the planned third runway and would have railroad and highway links.
The southern part of the plot is to house a cemetery and ritual facilities complex.